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The profile of Jeffrey Dahmer:

A DVD of Dr. Alex Caldwell analyzing two profiles from Jeffrey Dahmer, one a quite unique profile before final incarceration and an incarceration-affected testing afterwards. The codetyping and many other scales combine into a complexly integrated picture. It helps make sense out of his actions including his tolerance of his own unusual morbidity.


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Fundamentals of MMPI-2 Interpretation...

Fundamentals of MMPI-2 Interpretation: The Eight Basic Clinical Scales

An introduction to the most highly researched psychological test. As the only professionally active psychologist with a direct academic linkage to Starke Hathaway, Dr. Caldwell provides a unique historical context for this presentation, sharing aspects of his personal story as it intertwines with recollections of his mentor. An introduction to the core meanings of the eight primary clinical scales of the MMPI designed to engage both the neophyte and experienced clinician.

Available with 1 Continuing Education (CE) credit option



Resolving The Enigma of Hysteria...

Resolving the Enigma of Hysteria with the MMPI-2: An Adaptive and Conditioned Etiology

This master lecture presents Dr. Alex Caldwell’s thinking about the unique social and physiological processes associated with elevations on the MMPI-2 Hysteria Scale and the classic “conversion” configuration. Filmed at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality Assessment in Chicago (2012).

Available with a 3 Continuing Education (CE) credit option



Three Psychologists, One Profile

Three Psychologists, One Profile: An Exercise in Building MMPI-2 Interpretations

This DVD presents an educational workshop in which three nationally known experts build MMPI-2 interpretations from the ground up, having no information about the case beyond the test scores and basic demographics. Drs. Roger L. Greene, David S. Nichols, and Alex B. Caldwell each provide an independent 40 minute showcase of how they think their way through a blind interpretation of a forensic MMPI-2 profile. Following the experts’ interpretations, the treating psychologist, Dr. David Glassmire, presents details of the actual clinical case, thus providing an immediate point of resolution of the experts’ pre dictions. Produced by Drs. David Brokaw and Holli Eaton, Azusa Pacific University.


This two DVD set contains a three-hour version providing the full content of the workshop, including a final question-and-answer period. In addition it contains a one-hour condensed version of the workshop, suitable for graduate academic instruction if more time is not available. The reports used by the three experts in their interpretations are also included on the DVD: the MMPI-2 Extended Score Report, the MMPI-2 Adult Interpretive System Version 3, Caldwell Report’s MMPI-2 Narrative Report, and David Nichols Revised Structural Summary of the MMPI-2. They can be downloaded for personal study or for classroom handouts.


This 3-hour workshop is designed to help you:

  1. Analyze the validity of a MMPI-2 profile.
  2. Utilize the MMPI-2 to make a psychiatric diagnosis.
  3. Describe the sequence of steps involved in preparing a MMPI-2 interpretation.
  4. Observe demonstrations of the effective use of summary and computerized reports in MMPI-2 interpretation.

Caldwell Report is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Caldwell Report maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Three Continuing Education (CE) credits for the 3-hour version of the workshop are available from Caldwell Report.



DVD Twenty Three Codetypes...

Twenty Three MMPI–2 Codetypes as Survival–Oriented Patterns of Adaptation

In this invited SPA workshop, join internationally recognized MMPI-2 expert Alex Caldwell as he describes how all psychopathology can be understandably adaptive if we sufficiently appreciate the person’s circumstances, dispositions, and emotional history.


Discover specific predictions of childhood or adult traumatic experiences that may shape the presenting adult psychopathology.


Learn how an adaptational perspective supports greater clinical empathy.


This clinical material exists nowhere else except on this 3-DVD set and in Dr. Caldwell’s reports.


This three DVD set is divided into easily accessible chapters corresponding to each of the specific 23 MMPI-2 code types. Also included is the detailed 72-page handout which Dr. Caldwell references throughout his presentation, describing the profile patterns most commonly interpreted by Caldwell Report over the past four decades.


This 5—hour workshop is designed to help you:

  1. Conceptualize MMPI-2 codetypes as adaptive behaviors.
  2. Utilize the 23 most common MMPI-2 codetypes to generate etiological hypotheses regarding client symptomatology.
  3. Distinguish differing personality characteristics within the family of six codetypes involving loss and depression (codetypes 231, 273, 278, 26, 28, 29).
  4. Distinguish differing personality characteristics within the family of four codetypes involving somatically focused fears (codetypes 123, 13/31, 321, 137)
  5. Distinguish differing personality characteristics within the family of six codetypes involving impaired bonding (codetypes 274, 34, 46, 48, 49,489)
  6. Distinguish differing personality characteristics within the family of four codetypes involving reality confusion (codetypes 83/138, 86/68, 87/78, 98/89)
  7. Distinguish differing personality characteristics within the family of three codetypes involving control issues (codetypes 36, 93/139, 96)

Five Continuing Education (CE) credits for the 5-hour version of the workshop are available from Caldwell Report.







"What do the MMPI Scales Fundamentally Measure?" Some Hypotheses:

This paper considers the framework, content and consequences of treating the eight basic clinical scales as broad dimensions of fear and avoidance.

- From: Alex Caldwell (2001). Journal of Personality Assessment, 76(1), 1-17.


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